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Marcelo Penna Group was founded on passion for yachting. Born in 1984, this company offered full services from the begining, starting with the design of sailing yachts but extending soon to motor yachts, professional vessels and super yachts, always offering the most refined design but without forgetting the seaworthiness and speed.


The refit of existing yachts was also constant, allowing to incorporate new solutions and adapt to internal and external new standards of comfort and aesthetic appearance.


During all these 30 years this design office provide comprehensive services to its custumers, true to the "one stop" scheme, and today a new division is born, led by a new generation, to give answer to more complex and sophisticated units.


But the original spirit is always alive: to design, build and equip vessels of all kinds to enjoy and experience the sea, the wind, the nature. To live on them.

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